Back on Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming: Since the last post Level up for South African streamers are back! so you can catch me live on Facebook Gaming again. The month on YouTube was amazing and thank you for everyone how was supporting. I am growing day by day and can’t thank all of you enough.
Our Merch line is doing good and soon will have more items added hoodies and normal T-Shirts.
For those how are “Becoming a Supporter” thank you for you ongoing support you are making things possible.

YouTube: The YouTube is still going and the plan is to upload weekly for now I am finding my feet on Facebook with the streams. If you like please check out the Channel and subscribe

Twitch: As some of you know I am also more active on twitch and is working to get affiliate. Twitch will be used for other game currently I am streaming Outriders on Twitch. If you want to see what outriders are about check out the channel

Thank you all for supporting me on my journey as well as being apart the B3an Fam!!

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